Lewis & Short

ex-pungo, unxi, unctum, 3, v. a.

  1. * I. Lit., to prick out: nates jam diu sunt saepe expunctae, Plaut. Pers. 5, 2, 67.
  2. II. Transf.
    1. A. To strike out, cross out, blot out, erase from a list by points (set above or below).
      1. 1. Lit., to expunge a debt, to discharge a soldier (mostly ante- and post-class.; not in Cic.): ut expungatur nomen, ne quid debeam, Plaut. Cist. 1, 3, 41: miles pulchre centuriatus est expuncto in manipulo, discharged, disbanded, id. Curc. 4, 4, 29: decurias judicum, Suet. Claud. 15: ex causa desertionis notatus temporis, quo in desertione fuit, stipendiis expungitur, is struck off from the roll, deprived of his pay, Dig. 49, 16, 15.
      2. 2. In gen.
          1. (α) To get out of the way, remove: pupillum, Pers. 2, 12.
          2. (β) Esp., to blot out a score, remove an obligation (by returning the favor): munus munere, Sen. Ben. 4, 40, 4.
    2. B. To settle or adjust an account, to reckon up any thing: rei publicae rationes subscriptae et expunctae, Dig. 44, 3, 4: ausus est annumerare posteris stellas ac sidera ad nomen expungere, to reckon up, enumerate, Plin. 2, 26, 24, § 95: expungebantur milites laureati, were checked off, sc. as destined to be rewarded, Tert. Cor. Mil. 1.
      1. 2. Transf., in gen., to execute, accomplish, perform, fulfil: effectum, Tert. Apol. 35: adventum, id. ib. 21: vota et gaudia Caesarum, id. ib. 35.