Lewis & Short

clārĕo, ēre, v. n. [clarus].

  1. I. Prop., to be clear or bright, to shine (poet.): hoc lumen candidum claret mihi, Enn. ap. Non. p. 85, 25 (Trag. Rel. v. 367 Rib.); so of stars, Cic. Arat. 5 (240); 107 (348).
  2. II. Trop.
    1. A. To be obvious or clear, evident or manifest (poet. rare): quod in primo quoque carmine claret, which is evident also in the first canto, Lucr. 6, 937: mihi satis claret, with acc. and inf., Spart. Sev. 20, 4 Spald. and Zumpt N. cr.
    2. B. Of character, to be distinguished, illustrious, famous, renowned (ante-class.): (Fab. Maximi) gloria claret, Enn. ap. Cic. Sen. 4, 10 (Ann. v. 315 Vahl.); Turp. ap. Non. p. 85, 22 (Com. Rel. v. 152 Rib.).