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clāro, āvi, 1, v. a. [clarus], to make bright or clear, to illuminate (poet. and very rare).

  1. I. Lit.: Juppiter excelsā clarabat sceptra columnā, showed, exhibited, Cic. poët. Div 1, 12, 21: aestatis primordia, id. Arat. 39: iter longae limite flammae, Stat. Th. 5, 286.
  2. II. Trop.
    1. A. Mentally, to make clear, evident, to explain, illustrate, set forth: animae naturam versibus, Lucr. 3, 36: multa, id. 4, 778: obscura, App. de Deo Socr. p. 51, 15.
    2. B. Morally, to make illustrious, to render famous: illum non labor Isthmius Clarabit pugilem, * Hor C. 4, 3, 4.