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1. intectus, a, um, Part., from intego.

2. in-tectus, a, um, adj., uncovered, unclad.

  1. I. Lit.: nuda, intecta corpora, Sall. H. 1, 59: semiruta moenia, domūs intectae, unroofed, id. ib. 2, 21: cetera intecti, with no other covering, Tac. G. 17: dux prope intectus, Tac. H. 5, 22: pedes, uncovered, i. e. with only sandals on them, id. A. 2, 59: corpus, id. H. 4, 77; cf.: nudum et intectum corpus, App. M. 10, p. 254: caput, Amm. 27, 10.
  2. II. Trop., unconcealed, open, frank (opp. obscurus), Tac. A. 4, 1.