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intercessor, ōris, m. [intercedo], one who intervenes.

  1. I. A mediator in money matters, a surety: utinam semper esses tribunus: intercessorem non quaereres, Cic. Fam. 7, 27, 1; id. Rosc. Am. 38, 110: rem aliquam agere intercessore ac deprecatore aliquo, App. Mag. 60, p. 313, 18: intercessorem quaerere, Quint. Decl. 300: nolo per intercessorem mutueris, Sen. Ep. 119 init.
    1. B. A fulfiller, performer, Cod. Just. 1, 42, 8; 8, 17, 7.
  2. II. One who interposes, enters a protest.
    1. A. A protester; of a tribune of the people who makes use of his veto, Cic. Agr. 2, 12: agrariae legi intercessorem fore professus est, id. Sull. 23: legis, Liv. 4, 53: (Caesar) restitit, partim per intercess
      Note:res tribunos, etc., Suet. Caes. 29.
    2. B. In gen., a hinderer, preventer, Cic. Rosc. Am. 38: rei malae, id. Leg. 3, 4 and 19.