Lewis & Short

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līra, ae, f. [perh. fr. lisa; O. H. Germ. Leisa; Germ. Geleise, a track or rut; cf. delirus],

  1. I. the earth thrown up between two furrows, a ridge: liras rustici vocant easdem porcas, cum sic aratum est, ut inter duos latius distantes sulcos medius cumulus siccam sedem frumentis praebeat, Col. 2, 4, 8: patentes liras facere, id. 2, 8, 3: proscissa lira, id. 2, 10; cf. id. 11, 3.
  2. II. Transf., a furrow, acc. to Non. 17, 32; cf. lira, αὖλαξ, Gloss. Philox.