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volt, voltis, old forms for vult, vultis, from volo, q. v.

voltĭcŭlus, i, v. vulticulus.

Voltinĭa trĭbus, one of the Roman tribes, of unknown locality, Cic. Planc. 16, 38; 17, 43; Inscr. Grut. 418, 3; 48, 11.
Hence, Voltinĭenses, ĭum, m., the people of the Voltinian tribe, Cic. Planc. 17, 43.

* vultĭcŭlus (volt-), i, m. dim. [vultus], a look, mien, air: non te Bruti nostri vulticulus ab istā oratione deterret? i. e. severe look, Cic. Att. 14, 20, 5.