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dētestābĭlis, e, adj. [detestor], execrable, abominable, detestable (good prose): omen, Cic. Phil. 11, 5, 11; cf.: exsecratus populo Romano, detestabilis, etc., id. ib. 2, 26 fin.: nihil esse tam detestabile tamque pestiferum quam voluptatem, id. de Sen. 12, 41; cf. res (with tetra, misera), id. Tusc. 3, 11 fin.: scelus, id. Lael. 8, 27: exemplum, Liv. 26, 48: voce, Suet. Vit. 10 et saep.
Comp., Cic. Off. 1, 17, 57; Vulg. Sap. 19, 13.
Sup. appears not to occur.
Adv., dētestābĭlĭter, abominably: quod nefarie, quod detestabiliter fecit, Lact. 5, 10, 7.